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Mossel Bay FCS Station Commander, Capt Ashley Moolman, congratulates Wo Alistair Rezant with his award.

MOSSEL BAY NEWS - Mossel Bay's local Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit excelled at the Matla A Bana Western Cape Incentive Awards.

The FCS unit specialises in sexual related crimes. Matla A Bana is a NGO founded by ex-hostage Monique Strydom. The main aim of the charity is to minimise the secondary abuse children suffer when they report crimes against them.

Matla A Bana annually helps more than 13000 children who report crimes against them. Most of these are girls between eight and 12 years old and most have been raped.

The Incentive Awards, that took place on 26 May in Durbanville in Cape Town, are held in order to give recognition to the investigating officers and station commanders for their hard, and in most cases, difficult work. Twenty-five units in the Western Cape participated.

Local investigating officer Wo Alistair Rezant received first prize for the Best Performer out of all the FCS units.
"My job is my passion and the best reward is to bring justice to victims of such crimes," he says.

In the category Best FCS Unit Western Cape, the Mossel Bay unit was first runners-up. Station Commander Capt Ashley Moolman received the runner-up prize for the best Station Commander. The Ceres FCS Unit walked away with the first prize as best unit in the Western Cape.
For the category Best Investigator in a Specific Case, local police officers, Wo Maria Gerber and Cst Jessica Josephs received the second and third prize.

Station Commander Capt Moolman says, "This is a recognition that one can put into your members' performances. Our main goal is to set service delivery first and to ensure that victims of crime get the result that they require, especially in crimes against woman and children."
He added that his members believe when a crime goes unpunished, society becomes unbalanced and "we as the FCS unit like to restore or rectify. We also believe that if you join this organisation, you sacrifice your civilian rights."

The Mossel Bay FCS Unit consists of nine investigating officers and is led by Station Commander, Capt Ashley Moolman.
Locally, the unit is known for its hard work in bringing perpetrators to book.

Well done, Mossel Bay FCS Unit!

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