Resistance to move from Powertown

A group of Powertown residents asked for legal advice to ascertain their rights in fighting the move to Sonskynvallei.

GREAT BRAK RIVER NEWS - At a meeting with residents of Powertown on Wednesday, Icosa's provincial chairperson and local municipal councillor Dawid Kamfer were given a strong message:
"If you move the people of Power Town, you must also move the white residents. What is bad for us must be bad for them as well. We will not move, we belong here."
Kamfer says Icosa has approached legal counsel to represent the Powertown residents who prefer not to move to Sonskynvallei.
"We were successful in fighting for the rights of the people of Kiewiet Street in D'Almeida using this particular legal representative, we, therefore, have faith that proper legal recourse will be available to the community."
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