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Hey Brother!
09:53 (GMT+2), Tue, 17 March 2015
Hey Brother I know I'm a Good Lover! I gave u everything, and u gladly took it from me. my music, my dance, and my poetry. all i have now is rhythm less words. hey brother, i know i'm a good lover! somebody sing me a song help me find myself hey brother, i know i'm a good lover! in the process of loving u, caring for you, putting u first, and telling the world that you are the only one for me i neglected myself, i forgot that i 2 needed love! hey brother, i know i'm a good lover! with out any assistance, i have loved u everyday! i wrote u love poems, even named my pot plant after u, just to b sure tht it gets sm sunlight and water. hey brother, i know i'm a good lover! but now i am tired of dancing with myself and my love is 2 beautiful 2 have been thrown back in my face hey brother, i know i'm a good lover!
Posted by Leblackpoet
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