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Friend in need, friend indeed
20:51 (GMT+2), Mon, 25 February 2013
I was driving one early morning, when the sun did not shine.
I was cruising home on highway 99; when I noticed a dog sitting next to the road-side, near the railway line. So I choked the horn, but the dog did not budge at all. I guess it was used to truckers and all, big ones, red ones, long and short, little ones and yellow ones, big and noisy.

I pressed down hard on them brakes and came to a halt, near a fence. I straddled my lazy bones on out of my truck and I walked back to that dog. Then I came to its side. She did not run away and she did not hide.
“Now I know, you can not be hitching a ride, because you ain’t got a thumb to push into the sky,” I said to those beautiful brown eyes. She just looked at me with her big shiny eyes, and a tear, dropped on her paw.
So I took a beef sandwich out of my coverall and she ate it all up. “Good girl,” I said and stroked her a while. “Where are you headed ole girl?” She could not reply she just wagged her tail.

Well her hair was long and shaggy, white and brown. I thought she looked like a caramel ice-cream. “You look familiar ole girl; I have seen you somewhere, maybe in town. Let me ponder on it a while and I’ll soon let you know.”
Her tailed wagged a hundred times hither and thither, and around she spun, chasing her own tail in the early morning sun. I laughed until the tears ran down my cheeks.
Her big brown eyes were all over me.
Then she looked a little sullen, I just don’t know why!

I took her over to the truck and haul, I told her to jump right on up, go ahead have a ball. She pounced right onto my chair. “Now ole girl, you can not drive, show me your license;” I laughed at her “ha! ha!” And her tail started to swing around in the air.
Now we were on our way down the road and across the high-ways and by-ways on route 99.
Now as the day grew longer she moved her body down, down to the floor. I thought she was tired but that was not all….

Now the trucking business is noisy and my hearing ain’t too good either. I was listening to the radio and “ole girl” fell asleep on the floor. Now that’s what I thought…

Well as we was traveling down the way. Ole girl gave birth to a little puppy on the floor that day. I decided to see if she needed help and I decided to stop. She just jumped right out of my cabin as I opened the door. She ran away but for what cause? Glory be! That I be blessed, with a little pup, I do detest. I got long roads to travel and all; but now I have a fluff-ball down on the cabin floor, I complained.

Well this old trucker was in for a big surprise; all the years traveling and no one at my side. No talking, just singing along with the radio, I did.

Now you are wondering, whatever did I do with that pup……….?

Well he became my best friend and I did not give him up….

He grew up as beautiful as a pup you could dream. He was a little sick at first, but me and Doc fixed him up.
He grew long brown and shaggy hair and beautiful brown eyes like his mum…
I still wonder where she is….

When my pup and I were off the high-ways and by-ways and long at rest, we would play with my son and hide in the shed. Now he is everyone’s friend.
Many joyous moments at home we did have together and then back on the high-ways we did get.
Now as I lifted up my coffee cup to drink, Star would press his nose up against the window and stare ahead.

Then one early morning, as we were cruising down the highway, he started to bark, as we looked at the road ahead. I looked at him and he looked at me and I saw what he saw. Up ahead was a dog on the side of the road again.

I choked on the horn and pressed down on them brakes and stopped the truck just by the fence. I opened the passenger door and I got a surprise…..
Right up onto my lap jumped a beautiful shaggy dog, big brown eyes and a wagging tail. “Where have you been my friend?”
I hugged her and stroked her awhile and Star just looked at me.

Star licked her nose and she licked him back and suddenly they were best of pals, wagging tails and fidgety as worms, if I must say, they could not sit still, HA! HA!

“Well now Lassie, this is your son, Star, ain’t he great, I asked?” But of cause she could not talk. I thought to myself, why God made such lovely animals and they could not speak; mmmm, I wondered.
“That’s right, this is your son.” “You gave him to me on Christmas morning two years ago and I have sure enjoyed your Christmas present.

Now you are wondering how I knew your name.
“Well, Lassie, from Hollywood,” I read on your name tag, the last time we met. I guess you got pregnant and had to get away from all the fame for a while, to have your pup, ain’t that right my girl?”
I named your son Star, because his mother is a star, from Holly Wood.

Now many days and nights Lassie, Star and I, went cruising down high-way 99. We were greeted warmly at all the truck stops. People would ask a lot of questions and I was too pleased to tell everyone, how we met.

As the seasons came and went; me and my old bones, were one day layed to rest.

So now I ask you friend? If you should be alone and with no friends, look along the road and find a friend. I had two beautiful friends for a time in my life and they were happy times.

As I am lying in my grave to rest and you should see Lassie and Star along the way; please give them a ride. It is in their blood, you see, to ride those long roads on high-way 99. Please do pop in by my side to whisper a few words at my head friend and bring our friends along too……

Author: Mark Anthony Bester (Copy righted) 19/02/2013
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Love will always bring us together
14:23 (GMT+2), Tue, 12 February 2013
My love as i gaze into the uncertain future.I fear so much.Am so confused as to the outcome and end of this journey,we've embarked upon.My heart starts pounding and my chest aches of fear that i'll not be with you forever.Then i shed a tear of joy as i reallised you are right beside me.All my fears and synicall thoughts of leaving you alone are cast aside,by the reallisation that as long as our hearts beat we'll have love to bring us closer,even if were far apart.
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My love i cant forget.
13:49 (GMT+2), Mon, 28 January 2013
Oh! How beautifull the sun was shining,that morning.I turned and held your hand so tight,that you got scared.My heart was pounding like a racing-horse.How could i,a nobody be blessed with all i have?To me it was a moment to cherish and try and preserve deep in subconciosness.How the days flew by with the,wind and the rain just showered us with happiness.For not a day passed wihout endless joy,you always exibited.Even though we barely knew the meaning of love,what we felt was so great,it had to be some sort feeling,if not love.Than one morning it was summer no more.Our innocence and ignorance,were suddenly and abrubtly wrenched from our fantasy existence.For we may see only hate and pain today,but we just have to close our eyes and go back to that time when,all we needed was each other.
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The winter that never ended.
14:12 (GMT+2), Wed, 23 January 2013
As that cold morning in june,woke us.We all fooled that this was just a fluke and we are gonna get warmer days ahead.Neither of us could of imagined this was gonna be an epic battle.We were inseparable.Always together sharing in life's endless joy and care-free moments,that seem to last forever.As we said "see you later" that fatal afternoon,we never could'f imagined,it was good buy.You were thorn from this life,in a cruel manner,but your destiny were always gonna be heaven.The tears i shed for you just made the pain worse,cause it made the loneliness worse.Suddenly my life was covered with clouds of rain and ice.
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Tears from a rainow nation.
14:02 (GMT+2), Tue, 22 January 2013
How long will the tears of pain,run through the cities of our country?I cant understand why i was so overcome with joy when,we had our first democratic election.We envisaged a country wemilk and honey will be enjoyed by all.I remember when President Nelson Mandela was release in 1990,we were dancing in the streets,strangers embraced each other.A collective and unifying voice sang of a better South-Africa.Me being just a teenager felt the goosebumbs on my back and shivers down my spine,when i for the first time in my life,saw the spar of hope in my parents' eyes.Well that spark has now turned into despair and despondency.How long will we have to taste,the bitter taste of poverty in our own country?
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