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08:54 (GMT+2), Tue, 09 April 2013
It is real and true
in love you are my tangible thought
my anarchy,
like that of Samson locks I draw strength from you
you are my miracle child,
rain that falls from barren skies
at times we are moon and sun's eternal lovers
separated by the very time we defy
we send out silent screams on rainbows and aurora skies
when we are not heard
we cry into rain and scream in to thunder storms
but when we meet
our eclipsing kiss is a binding phenomena
and when love is truly blind
I see God in you.
some how he managed to convince me that he is sun king
and the love he has for me burns
supernova like no other
so when the sun sets
he embeds twilight kisses across my skin,
goosebumps rush down my spine,
curling me into foetal position.
So tonight I plan to be a killer,
taking shorts at time
killing each second that separates me from my sunrise
my poetry

by lady blaq!!
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Ngqondo yam iyaxabana
12:00 (GMT+2), Thu, 04 April 2013
Ngqondo yam iyaxabana
ngenxa yale ndoda ehlel'indinkula
ezinyembezini ndihleli ndintywila
isazela sakhe sawze siyeke nini uqothola
kwi ndlebe zam ilizwi lakhe liyangxola

ngamazwi uye andixabele
kubengathi mandimtakele
kodwa thando undimfamekisile
ngqondo yam iyaxabana

ngqondo yam iyaxabana
yhini na lento ingumntu
ubuntu bayaphi?
Ntlonipho wena wazi fihla phi?
sizwe sethu esintsundu,uthando lwayaphi?
Amadoda enene ayaphi?

Ngqondo yam iyaxabana
ngqondo yam iyaxabana
ngenxa yale ndoda
ezinyebezini ndihleli ndintywila

isazela sakhe sawze siyeke nini uqothola
ngqondo yam iyaxabana
ngqondo yam iyaxabana

by lady blaq: siphokazi kraai
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i will tell my story
09:48 (GMT+2), Thu, 04 April 2013
In the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
but all you could whisper was sweet nothings
so why was I surprised when you broke into my heart
because you had characteristics of a cheater, liar, abuser and a thief
check, I loved you more than me, of which that wasn’t fair to
God, my family or my friends.....
you promised me heavens that you’ve never seen
I would sue you for bridge of promise
but i'm too much of a lady to go stand in court for nonsense
If I could say I wish you the best, ill be telling a lie
because I don’t.
I want her to break your heart into million pieces
because there's parts you didn’t play in our relationship
hey man!
There’s only one thing I want from you
I want my heart back
I loved you more than me, and you love her more than me
so when will me be loved more than anything else
man you have robbed me of my sanity
erased dreams from my eyes and glued what’s left together with lies
see I will tell my story
Let it nourish me,
Sustain me
And claim me
I will Tell my story
Let it feed me,
Heal me
And release me
Tell my story
Let it twistmy shattered heart
Tell my story Until my past stops tearing my present apart

by lady blaq: siphokazi kraai
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God's little miracles
21:41 (GMT+2), Thu, 07 March 2013
I went up the Cradock mountain pass the other day. It was a trail that I had not yet explored. So at 10 am I had my backpack on and I headed out to Witfontein nature reserve. It took me an hour just to get there. I jogged walked and sweated all the way.

I have being going up this mountain range once a month now for the past 7 months, different routes every time and I am asking God to change me and make me a better man than I am. I want to do His will, not my own.

Anyway I found a place that was tranquil and quiet with a beautiful river streams where I took a quick swim had something to eat and went on my way.

Now at the time I didn't consider what song I was singing in my head as the mountain got higher and higher. Then I realised it was a song that I was learning with my guitar lately. Hey! Stop a moment." I said to myself. Remembering words from the Bible, I recall, there where your heart is that's where your Soul will be. So I decided to change my song to "HOW GREAT THOU ART" because I also knew all the words. So up the mountain I go, through the pass and down the other side singing How GREAT THOU ART.
I eventually started getting tired and did not find the trail further on. I bent down and touched my shins, knees and hamstrings and asked GOD to take away the pain. I had being climbing, running jumping etc. since 10 am and it was already 4 pm. After a half hour I felt a lot better.

I wearily went down the farm road looking for the next section of the trail. After 10 minutes I stopped and the Lord said in my heart that I must go back to where I come out on the trail and then turn right.
Happily I did that and found the trail.

When I looked up and far beyond I did not comprehend what I was letting myself in for. As I stumble over the crevices and thick forest, the trail just goes on and on and on and on....
I saw a lot of baboons and my hairs stood up on my neck. So one of the baboons saw me and shouted to the others.
Boy Oh Boy! I did get a fright, because they were so close. So I imitated a baboon scream and made loud noises and throwing rocks down the cliff. They got the message. Every now and then the matriarch would call and I would call back. I could hear that they were moving away.

Now it was late, I did not know where this trail was going. It was getting misty around Cradock Peak Mountain range and I still couldn't see the end of the trail. I did find a plaque on a big rock on one of the highest peaks, saying that a man, Ray Flannigan, had past on from here and that they, the family will always see him in God's beautiful garden every morning and remember all the good times they had together.

Now as I am walking on the edge of many crevices that fall waaaaay down and trails that you have to look for, because it is so dense there. I eventually see that I had found a trail back.

This is the same trail that I had taken a couple of months back coming from the opposite direction and I had to turn back late in the afternoon because I had to make it back to the wooden cabin before sunset.
I was a cold and it was a misty day in winter. Now I know that if I should run walked skip and jump, I could make it back to the cabin by 8 pm as it was 6pm already. So I stopped and said a prayer. "Lord, please let the sun go down later than usual tonight, so that I can make it to the cabin before sunset, Amen!"
I knew it would be around 8 pm

Well I can truly say HE heard me and granted my prayer, with enough time to catch a bite to eat and rest 10 minutes and eventually the sun set behind the low rain clouds and I lifted up my Walking Staff{stick} Nice thick one that I'd use to keep my balance and open the trail with, and I PRAISED GOD and thanked him. I thought for an instance of Moses up on the mountain when God gave him the Ten Commandments and spoke to him, it was a beautiful thought.

Now I had a trail that was wider and easier going back to town with, that’s what I thought.
I'm looking in the sky for the moon, no luck. The trail was dark and the stars were many.
I could just see the trail and then I asked,” GOD, could you please send some glow worms to sit on my staff so that I can see the trail. Glory be, my prayer came true in HIS way.
To the left and right of the trail appeared glow worms and they just lit the trail enough for me to follow it. I was again praising our LORD and singing "HOW GREAT THOU ART, MY GOD. I'll try to explain the joy in my soul when this happened; It is pure joy, washed over with all the LOVE you could imagine. To think that God knew me, little me in this Great Big world of his.
I was alone (not yet alone) in the wilderness with the stars on my head and GOD by my side and glow worms leading the way.
The further I went the worms would flash. I don't know if it was with my footsteps that they heard, but boy they Gloooowed for sure.

The pain and suffering in the legs was tremendous for the next 2 hours, but I made it to within 15 kilometers of our home. I telephoned home after charging my cell phone at the Saarsveld security gate, on the Nelson Mandela University grounds, to let everyone know that I was okay, It was 10 pm.

My cell phone battery had already gone flat at 6pm and I couldn't let anyone know I was alright. So my friend came to fetch me. I never really had friends in my life until moving to George. It is amazing what you can accomplish as a group. Praise the LORD.
I thought I would just let you know of a few small miracles God does in my life. People go out there and praise the Lord our God on top of Cradock or George Peak. Now this is God's foot stool how much greater is heaven? Hey?

God bless Everyone.
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Loving heart..
12:53 (GMT+2), Thu, 07 March 2013
Maybe you're mad
And maybe you're sad,
But i don't see no fear,
Neither any tears.
Still I'm goin insane!
If I'm not allowed to hold you in my arms,
I'll rather just hold your hand.
If you dare disapprove of that,
I'll stay by your side
'cuz there's this darkness running up
We'll handle it side by side
I won't let you fade,
'Cuz you're my only inside..
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