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An oyster took a peek
08:21 (GMT+2), Thu, 17 July 2014
Heather Metelerkamp submitted this poem inspired by the oyster festival: In the morning After sleeping My mother came to me She told me it was Now or never Time is running out I 'shell' never get the pearl For you only get the pearl on your wedding day Mother says I'm being 'shellfish' I told her that I am a shellfish But then she clamped me So I went back to my seaweed bed And drowned in my salty tears Time is running out I thought I need more time to sleep And think about this dilemma If only I wasn't shy – so scared to do it In the navy night Sparkling stars on the water I took a peek I climbed out of my shell Like she said I must One star shined more brightly than the others Coming closer Like the sun is reaching out its hand This is the end – the now or never I swear I saw a human figure I took a peek And then it was all over
Posted by Susan | Comments Comments (0)
08:46 (GMT+2), Wed, 09 July 2014
I stayed
It started with one slap on the chick, you were drunk
said I disrespected you, totally had no way of talking to you!
Woman!, who is the man in this relationship?
so putting your hands on me proves that?
But I stayed!

We were at a party, I was drunk, apparently ngak'bangela iscefe!
You hit me again
but I stayed!

And then we argued about you and your so called ex!
You broke your phone cause you didn’t want me to see your conversations
but I stayed!
You slapped me again, and even worse, strangled me
but why did I have to pay for you hurting me?
I just didn’t understand
but I stayed!

Another argument about you and the other ex!
I’m not like all your other women, I will not settle for being treated like the other woman, why cant you love me fully and make me feel like the only woman.
We argued, and I woke up with red marks on my arms!
But I stayed!

Then it was the drama with the baby mama
the no go zone!
The one that is perfect beyond!
You hit me again....
and I stayed again!
And for the second time, I found you with another woman!
You said words that I just cant forget and hit me again...
but I stayed!

Then last night, it was about you and the ex who's name has been given to me by you!
You said I must drop it and stop raising my voice to you
other wise you will hit me again!
I apologise for voicing out my opinion!
You hit me again...

when does it qualify to be called abuse?
You say no man will ever love me like you do!
How dare you humiliate the word love????
last night I told you to leave,
but you stayed!
This time it wasn’t me who stayed!
Posted by Leblackpoet | Comments Comments (0)
The poem I wrote when I was in pain:
08:34 (GMT+2), Fri, 17 January 2014
As I'm standing in the rain, no one can see my pain. The more I try to fight the war, the more the walls are closing in, the fear to walk alone in pain, its clear to see I'm all alone. As I'm standing in the rain, no one can see my pain. My heart beat is rhythm deep, I sink deep in pain. I'm knee deep into this fear, the fear to walk alone in this pain. As I'm standing in the rain, no one can see my pain. Tears roll down my cheeks, I wipe way cause anyway I'm in the rain with fear and pain.

Even though outside it seems okay, inside I die with fear and pain. As I'm standing in the rain, no one can see my pain. Tear drops streams down with cold and rain, deep down I'm cold with fear and pain. Warm nights are cold with pain, bright lights are dark with shame and despair. As I stand in the rain, no one can see my pain.

Bye bye My Love!
Posted by Bonisile | Comments Comments (0)
15:35 (GMT+2), Tue, 07 January 2014
Skemer het reeds sy arms om jou gevou toe ek jou raakloop op my pad in woorde toegedraai soos kokon ragfyn sydrade van omgee en seer so baie dinge het jy my kom leer en my opgelig tot hoog daarbo soos wind die arend dra so het jy vir my geword nou kom skemer en bring meer newels en is ek bang dat jy sal verdwaal miswolke wat laag op die aarde neerdaal op jou vel kom lê koud en nat die sig voorentoe versper als om jou wegraak mense en name verdwyn in die niet en jy onseker tas in die onsigbaarheid van vergetelheid skemer (c)
Posted by antonette | Comments Comments (0)
15:22 (GMT+2), Thu, 12 December 2013
Every song was sad and slow, every sigh was down and low A total wreck, a total mess. It was like a bereavement. No way out, nowhere to go, already envisioning the color of my casket. That is when He came to me His smile and compassion was my assurance that its going to be fine. Word for word, memory by memory, pain on pain That is how Ive grown to completely trust him My days got normal and my nights got calmer as everything made sense to me This dark cloud I am living under, was a mere misunderstanding of who to blame. How was a seven year old suppose to know? Where was the ones that was suppose to protect me? The pain, the guilt, what great torture! It was locked up in my mind and engraved in my soul In all of this I still have a choice? Wish I had been told this earlier Wasted years and lakes of unseen tears, all of these shouldn't have been I am alive to tell the story, not for pity but for glory Yes glory to those hopeless souls Those souls thinking of wreaths and dark cloths The bottomless well you falling down has a rope to the top the top where you need to take a stand A stand on the podium of survivors, And in your acceptance speech just say I FORGIVE YOU BUT I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HURT ANOTHER INNOCENT SOUL.
Posted by Koning1982 | Comments Comments (0)
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