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Of mad dogs and snakes

Welcome back dear readers and compliments of the season.
May this be a year of health, peace and love to all of you...prosperity comes last because if you don't have the others all the money and prosperity in the world isn't going to make you happy.
Now let me talk of mad dogs and snakes.
I live in Upper Town and had a very peaceful break except for two things; snakes and dogs.
When I first came to Knysna and fire chief Clinton Manuel told me that there were snakes in Knysna anywhere there was vegetation, I didn't really believe this could hold true at our house in Upper Town, although an oasis of peace, it is after all just blocks away from the central business district.
Turns out he was not joking.
A large boomslang in my favourite flower patch proved that these lethal serpents lurk any and everywhere in Knysna where there is anything green.
A hysterical phone call on my part to our police communications officer, Chris Spies for the phone number (my brain went numb because of all people I should know this number) and Knysna municipality protection services promptly arrived with their long snake sticks, but not for lack of trying, the snake slithered away.
For a few days I was overcome with with paranoia and kept looking under the bed and behind curtains, saying the number of protection services (044 302 6300) over and over in my head and slaughtering all plants and shrubs to knee-level, hacking creepers near to windows and spending hours googling snake repellants and the merits of moth balls neither of which have proved to be effective - especially for use in trees and bushes.
In the end I came to the fatalistic conclusion that snakes are part of Knysna and that being as careful as possible is all I can do and also accept that it is highly unlikely I will be bitten especially by what is supposed to be a shy boomslang - and that if I am so be that my destiny.
When it comes to barking dogs, however, that is a different story altogether.
People generally raise children with manners don't they? It is unusual in a neighbourhood that a child, or in any public place for that matter, is allowed to scream and yell for hours on end or child welfare would be called.
So how is is then that owners of dogs are seemingly deaf to the horrible din of the woof woof woofing of their four-legged children that eventually, especially at night,feels as though it is drilling a hole into one's head.
I may have to get used to snakes, but one thing I point blank refuse to accept is selfish neighbours who do not care about the manners of their pets.
It is disgusting, it is rude and those who know they are guilty of their dogs barking need to get a conscience or hearing aids.
Noise disturbances of this nature are commonly dealt with by private security companies and even the police.
It is understandable if a dog barks for a reason, but incessant yapping or loud non-stop barking when owners are at home (and deaf?) or out is unacceptable.
08:14 (GMT+2), Wed, 04 January 2017
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