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We wish you happy and safe holidays

This is our last edition for the year and you will find us on the shelves again on January 5.
During this short holiday break, our online version  will also have a rest apart from breaking news – and that literally means if something serious happens that the community need to know about.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every reader.
Thank you for your letters, for your phone calls, for bringing your issues to us, for telling us your stories, for sharing school news, for sport news, for community-oriented news, for your thumbs.
Every single story is important to us because we are a community newspaper and you are our community.
We aim to come back fresher, to heed my friend Maureen, and many others' call for more Afrikaans stories, and in time to introduce a sudoku puzzle.
This year has perhaps been the toughest ever for us in the media world with the growing demand for digital input, an ever hungrier web with readers expecting to see breaking news happening on this forum, but then followed up in print.
Facebook comments very often tip us off or give us insight into a story, and must always be answered just like a ringing telephone (out of sheer courtesy), but juggling these different mediums has become very demanding and this pressure is not going to relent.
That is why after this break, with your help, we promise to bring out a paper you want to read, entice you to go online on a regular and daily basis and look at our website and Facebook page, but we are also going to get more proactive when it comes to Twitter and Instagram.
Your letters and comments on social media are really appreciated because they are a barometer of how we are doing.
Keep talking to us – even if you want to suggest improvements or downright say we suck.
Hopefully there will be some positive feedback, but all your opinions matter because the Knysna-Plett Herald is just that – the paper that belongs to the community of Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Sedgefield.
In the meantime, a blessed and safe holiday to all.
Those in Knysna, please don't drive your car into the lagoon to become a citizen, because we need a rest, not a story.
And surfers, please do your best to avoid sharks.
Motorists, drive carefully.
To all until next year, the Knysna-Plett Herald staff wish you the very best.
10:48 (GMT+2), Tue, 20 December 2016
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