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Southern Cape Property News

Africrest and StandOut merge
Africrest and StandOut merge
2017-02-21 09:07:25 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - Private groups Africrest Properties and StandOut Properties have decided to merge, after having purchased buildings together over the last three years. Each company was formed by...
One-bedroom apartment remains best investment
One-bedroom apartment remains best investment
2017-02-20 09:05:03 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - According to Jonathan Kohler, CEO of Lansdowne Investment Properties, for over 12 years in the residential sectional title space, the one-bedroom apartment has been the best...
Financing an auction property
Financing an auction property
2017-02-17 07:24:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - More and more consumers are finding it difficult to make ends meet in the current economy and property auctions are becoming more common again as a result.  However, while this...
New year, … new home! What to look for
New year, … new home! What to look for
2017-02-16 09:23:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - Choosing the right location when it comes to buying a property is a complex decision and one that is almost entirely driven by your own needs, especially if it is your residence, says...
Is your agent right for you?
Is your agent right for you?
2017-02-16 09:18:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - Putting your home on the market for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, as it is often a person's most valuable asset.  Having the right real estate professional by...
Look out for restrictions on your property
Look out for restrictions on your property
2017-02-16 09:12:40 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - Owning a property does not mean that the owner is entitled to do whatever they want to the property.  Every property in South Africa that is privately owned is subject to certain...
SONA lets property market down
SONA lets property market down
2017-02-16 09:10:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - SONA lacked the excitement needed to boost the economy and property market, says Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group.  It offered very little new from last year...
Should you buy property together?
Should you buy property together?
2017-02-15 09:32:18 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - Property is pricey and for many first time home owners the only way to get onto the property ladder is by doing it with a partner. If you take into account that the average...
2017 – still money to be made in property
2017 – still money to be made in property
2017-02-14 09:29:54 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - 2016 was a year many people would like to forget. Both local and global politics increased investor caution as the winds of change continued to stir up uncertainty.  Macro...
Costs, compliance retard transformation in real estate
Costs, compliance retard transformation in real estate
2017-02-13 09:33:16 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - President Jacob Zuma noted on Thursday, 9 February, during his State of the Nation address that less than 5% of the property market in SA is managed by black South Africans...

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YES: Given the pressure young people experience nowadays, they do contribute adequately when and where necessary.
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