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Multi-purpose interpretation centre approved

Multi-purpose interpretation centre approved
The centre will be established in the disused stone quarry adjacent to the Point cave. Photo: Tersia Marais
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - The Mossel Bay Town Council, at its last monthly meeting on Thursday 26 June, approved the recommendations of a task team with regards to the development of a multi-purpose interpretation centre at the Point.

Council approved that a national architectural design competition under the auspices of the SA Institute of Architects would follow and that the centre and its environs should be designed to link up with the planned overall upgrading of the Point area, and vice versa.

Council in principle approved the establishment of a 'self-sustainable flexible world-class multi-purpose, multi-cultural, state-of-the-art 'Africa' Interpretation Centre', based on the Pinnacle Point archaeological discoveries.

This is subject to the approval of a comprehensive project plan and budget, once funding for the project has been secured. It is also subject to all the necessary assessments, studies and public participation processes required by law.

To give effect to the recommendations, the municipality will establish a non-profit company by no later than the end of October 2014. Council will approve the appointment of this company's board.

Council would lease the centre to the non-profit entity.

The centre will be established in the disused stone quarry adjacent to the Point cave.
In addition to display areas and working space for scientists, the centre will include an auditorium and/or amphitheatre, as well as lecture rooms, a restaurant and commercial space.

Green building principles are to be implemented in the design and operation of the centre.


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08:29 (GMT+2), Fri, 04 July 2014
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