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Elaine King
Elaine King has been a journalist and editor in South Africa and Hong Kong for more than 30 years.
She has worked for the Sunday Times, The Daily News, Style Magazine, the Argus Group, The Media24 Group and is delighted to now be with the Caxton Group.
In Hong Kong, where she lived for 16 years and had two children, she worked for the South China Morning Post and wrote a column entitled, Tell Me... which is one of her favourite lines as a journalist.
She also worked for other publications in Hong Kong, including Asiaweek, Hong Kong Business, Tatler and compiled news bulletins for CNN.
Last year, Elaine took a gap to freelance and did some work for publications like Business Day, Financial Mail and Mail & Guardian, among other freelance work.
She is delighted to now be part of the Knysna-Plett Herald.

Walk and hug a tree
15:51 (GMT+2), Wed, 26 April 2017
It's a long weekend so go walk in the forest and hug a tree! This is actually not one of those schmaltzy cliché things to say, but a very real soul-renewing exercise.Where we live has to be one of the most magical places ever because of the easy access to nature – beaches and...
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Show some respect please
07:37 (GMT+2), Thu, 13 April 2017
The customer is always right and therefore I have always to be polite to all readers, to all of those who phone me, Facebook us, visit us et al. This is often not easy for all of us journalists because we are always working to a deadline, which many people do not realise, and mostly, people...
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In the dog box
07:21 (GMT+2), Thu, 06 April 2017
Fine, I accept being in the dog box. Since the Knysna-Plett Herald came out last week with an April Fool's story about a new crossbreed of "hendog", which happened in Karatara, Sedgefield, social media has been at its most virulent. The story was published in our Thursday edition, March...
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So little time, so much love
10:13 (GMT+2), Thu, 30 March 2017
My kitten, not even four months old, was very ill. Despite several hospital visits and all the prayers in the world, she suffered from an illness from which she could never recover. In the very short while I had her, she has brought to me the joy only an animal can give: unconditional...
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The power of the pen
09:28 (GMT+2), Thu, 23 March 2017
Steering this ship is an onerous task and has never been more so than now. My father gave me a copy of the writings of Kahlil Gibran's. I never intended becoming a journalist, but from a very young age learnt this from The Prophet. "The moving finger writes and having writ moves on: nor...
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