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Cornelle Carstens
Die lewe gebeur op alles een slag met jou. Skryf is ‘n manier om in jou koffer vol belewenisse te krap, hulle reguit te trek, een vir een te betrag en weer te beleef in die vorm van ‘n storie.
Cornelle Carstens is ‘n versamelaar van allerhande goeters. Daarom is sy ‘n storieverteller – bedags vir koerante en snags, as kabaretkunstenaar.
Sy woon in Mosselbaai met haar sportmal man, intellektuele seun, ‘n onmoontlike Basset en ‘n klompie woelige bejaardes wat haar ouers en ‘n Yorkshire-terriër insluit.

It's a funny country
11:53 (GMT+2), Thu, 30 March 2017
A quarter of the year, 2017, is gone. In the larger scope of things, that is certainly no laughing matter considering that the clock ticks past a particular second in time, but once. But before gloom gets the upper hand, consider this, that South Africans truly have most commendable innate...
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12:53 (GMT+2), Thu, 23 March 2017
‘n Groef en ‘n graf verskil net in diepte. Die wie, wat, waar en wanneer die stelling sy oorsprong gehad het, het vervaag, maar die trefkrag daarvan, beslis nie. In ‘n dorp soos Mosselbaai, met ‘n noemenswaardige populasie van seniors, is ‘n mens deeglik bewus van...
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Peek-a-boo, I see you
11:31 (GMT+2), Fri, 17 March 2017
"Look into my eyes – you will seeWhat you mean to me.Search the heart, search the soulAnd when you find me there you’ll search no more." These are the first lines of a song by Canadian singer, Bryan Adams. Eyes, indeed are mesmerizing. One doesn’t have to be knowledgeable in...
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O, die Eva's
11:43 (GMT+2), Thu, 09 March 2017
Verbeel jou 'n Vrydag sonder 'n uitgawe van die Mossel Bay Advertiser.  Nee ek praat nie van uitsonderlike geleenthede soos Goeie Vrydag wanneer die koerant Donderdag reeds op straat is nie. Ek praat van hierdie week.  Woensdag is saktyd. Op Woensdae kom al die dorp se lief en leed - ...
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Bullying: Pack your punch
11:50 (GMT+2), Fri, 03 March 2017
A colleague, known to produce gems in terms of social commentary, said of facebook: "The best and the worst thing about facebook, is the same. The fact that everyone has an opinion." As much as social media networks have been crucified for often showing their dark underbelly, their usefulness...
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