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Those Camera Guys

Ian & Warren Fleming Knysna-based photographer Ian Fleming has spent over 40 years of his life dedicated to capturing life's special moments on camera.

This passion has led to the integration of the artistic Photographic Gallery on Thesen Island and the Lightroom Studio in Grey Street.

Ian's son, Warren recently joined his dad in the photographic industry.
"I fell in love with the industry immediately and have grown a passion tenfold for the discovery of new ideas, technology and technique," he explains. "Having grown up in the Garden Route certainly has made this career more interesting. Living in a place of such natural beauty and vivid splendour certainly has had an impact on my life."

Together, Ian and Waren - a dynamic father-and-son duo like no other - are Ian Fleming Photography.

Just 5 years
14:26 (GMT+2), Wed, 07 December 2016
Just 5 years after we’ve seen smartphones revolutionizing the way we take, consume and communicate with pictures, we’re only starting to grasp the consequences  and opportunities  that new technology brings to photography. Virtual reality, computational imagery, ...
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No more Samsung cameras
13:18 (GMT+2), Mon, 31 October 2016
Following up on my last blog, I can report that I have not been able to get Samsung to answer my calls. However, a local supplier in Knysna has given it to me in writing... Samsung are not making cameras anymore.  The sad part about this is the fact that if you invested a fortune in their...
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What is going on at Samsung?
12:30 (GMT+2), Wed, 12 October 2016
2016 and yes, what is going on at Samsung?  The problem for Samsung, in terms of sales, is not that its products are bad, not that it has fallen behind the competition, nor that the company is suffering a brand crisis.  More consumers are using Samsung devices than ever, and the company...
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Local photographer gives 'the big talk'
13:54 (GMT+2), Wed, 14 September 2016
Photokina is the world’s premiere photographic and film trade fair, held bi-annually in Cologne, Germany. It is the highlight event globally for technology manufacturers, as well as photographers to show off their equipment and for individuals to share their knowledge. Warren Fleming of...
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11:54 (GMT+2), Tue, 30 August 2016
Every two years there is one focal point in the sector, yes this is Photokina, the world’s leading imaging fair.  Photokina brings together the industry, trade, professional users and end consumers with a passion for photography, in a way no other event can match. Be sure you...
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