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Life in the Slow Lane

Cliff Buchler Cliff Buchler was one of the first editors in the pioneering days of Caxton Community Newspapers|Group Editors.

In 1978 he established the Roodepoort Record (among others since) and remained managing editor for over 30 years.

He has lectured to aspirant journalists at the Caxton Cadet School in Johannesburg, and spent time at various newspaper branches (including George Herald) to assist with subbing and other editorial functions.

He has been writing columns for many years.

RoboNurse, please pass the bed pan
10:27 (GMT+2), Mon, 02 January 2017
By the year 2050 robots and humans will be cohabiting under one roof. There’s even suggestions of official inter-marriages becoming the norm. This boggles the mind. Coupling would take on a totally different dimension. Humans providing the emotions, whereas robots solely the physicality;...
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New leaves old in the cold
10:29 (GMT+2), Mon, 19 December 2016
The word innovation scares me. It’s coupled with change, revolution and transformation. And over the years I’ve experienced them all. Politics (from Nats to ANC) and religion (from traditional to charismatic; from love thy neighbour to bomb they neighbour). Upheaval and uncertainty...
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Way out for captured cronies
13:40 (GMT+2), Thu, 08 December 2016
So, Cuba has a soft spot for the ANC. But I reckon Fidel Castro, the old man, would’ve added the rider that it was Mandela’s ANC his country supported, not the present one drowning in a turbulent sea of corruption, incompetence and arrogance. But let’s give Zuma the benefit...
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Broth with a heavenly taste
09:52 (GMT+2), Wed, 30 November 2016
When you’re in the soup it means you’re in trouble. Why is soup, arguably the most popular, tasty and healthy food, associated with something bad? Might be something to do with the French and Germanic origin of the dish probably served in pubs. Maybe it started when a bar fly overstayed...
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It's all about renewal
08:55 (GMT+2), Tue, 29 November 2016
The queue was long and my ingrown toenail was wedged in the vice grip of new takkies. It was vehicle licensing renewal time and every motorist in my neck of the woods pitched on the same day and time. Typical. The murmurs around me told the same story. "Total chaos, mutter, mutter." I noticed the...
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