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Are you looking to rent a house? Do you need a second-hand car? Are you unemployed and looking for a job...?

If so, look no further.
The Mossel Bay Advertiser classified section offers you an extensive selection of classified adverts to choose from and browse through every week.

Each week's classifieds are uploaded onto the website at 00:00 on a Friday morning and are displayed here for a week.

Should you be interested in placing an advert in our classified section, please contact our classified department on 044 690 7156 or send a fax to 044 691 3234.
Flats to let

AS DAAR IEMAND IN GROOTBRAK IS wat dalk `n gemeubileerde sonnige, tuinwoonstelletjie het - wat `n Christenhart het-????? Quita 076 730 7752
AVAILABLE 1ST DECEMBER 2014 FLAT IN DANA BAY.... 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open plan kitchen, suitable for 3/2 persons ,NO pets, Peaceful surroundings...........Undercover parking.. Minimum contract - 1 year (12 months). R4000/R3500 per month......Water and Electricity included!! Please phone 082 338 8836
BACHELOR FLAT Langstraat 68 M/Baai R1500 + krag. Uitgemeubileer. 079 904 5225 / 044 690 4854
BESKIKBAAR 1STE DESEMBER 2014 WOONSTEL IN DANA BAAI. 2 Slaapkamers, 2 Badkamers, Oopplan kombuis. Slegs 3/2 persone, Geen troeteldiere, Rustige omgewing in n kloof.. Afdak parkeering. Minimum kontrak -1 jaar (12 Maande). R4000/R3500 per maand .Water en ligte ingesluit!! Skakel asseblief 082 338 8836
COETZEE COASTAL PROP Rheebok: R3300 p/m. W/L ing, ruim 1 slp woonstel aan huis|Tergniet: R2900 p/m W/L ing 1 slp woonstel aan huis|Fraaiuitsig: R3300 p/m meubels w/l ing, 1 slp woonstel aan huis. Leon 082 417 1976
DANABAAI 1 slpk woonstel te huur - gemeubileerd, water en krag ingesluit. R2500 per maand. Skakel 082 804 8099
GRANNYFLAT 2 slk by PHS, seesig R3900. 084 353 4042
HARCOURTS TRIO MOSSEL BAY De bakke Mosselbaai R2500 p.m.|Bachelor woonstel. netjies, see-uitsig. Balkon met braai. Francois Smit 072 450 4515
KEULER EIENDOMME Da Novai: 2 slpk ,1bdk., leefarea oopplan met kombuis Balkon,Naby winkels R3650.00||Mosselbaai: 1 spk, badk sit/kombuis garage vol DSTV w&l ingesluit R3800||Danabaai: 1 slpk, badk tuinwoonstel w&l ingelsuit R2300||Golf Estate: 3slpk 2 badk 1 garage groot leefarea oopplan kombuis R6800. Kontak: Sue 0766390773, 044-6930037
KEULER EIENDOMME Hartenbos: 2slpk 1 badk leefarea balkon met braai 1 Garage plus afdak. Beskikbaar 15 Jan. 2015 R3500 Susan 083 996 0802 / 044-695 4012
NETJIESE BACHELOR TE HUUR vanaf 15 Januarie 2015 te Hartenbos. R1800-00 082 788 8435
SKAKEL VIR ENIGE BESKIKBARE PERSELE Woonstelle en store by 044 695 1787 Marietta Munro.
TERBLANCHE PROPERTIES 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom apartment in Bayview for R5800 Anne-Marie Stander 083 557 8908 / 044 695 2871
TWEE SLAAPK WOONSTEL naby Punt H/S. Geen rook of troeteldiere. R3 000 p.m. Aansoekvorms beskikbaar. 083 652 2390
WOONSTEL GESOEK 1 slpk R1500 - R1600 Mosselbaai omgewing. Pensioenaris, blanke man. J Joubert 076 633 3499
2 SLPK WOONSTEL Oopplan (Birkenhead woonstelle) R2500 p.m. Beskikbaar 1 Jan 2015. 082 450 6703 of 082 553 7417
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Voting Poll
Several cases of cable theft have been reported in Little Brak and Great Brak River, as well as Hartenbos Estate. In all reported cases, the scene of the crime is in close proximity and full view of the N2. Should the community be more observant and vigilant in reporting irregularities noticed to the authorities?
YES - I believe we have a shared responsibility to ensure service delivery on all levels, even in preventing crime and ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply.
Mossel Bay Advertiser 89%
NO - I pay my taxes, which pays the salaries of people who should ensure that these crimes are curbed.
Mossel Bay Advertiser 11%
I'm a 64 year old man looking to meet women between the ages of 45 and 60.
I'm a 32 year old man looking to meet women between the ages of 23 and 50.