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GROOT-BRAKRIVIER NUUS - "Slagoffers het regte, die reg om met respek behandel te word, die reg om informasie te ontvang, die reg tot veiligheid en die reg tot bystand." So het die Hoof...
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Child porn scandal hits George
SOUTHERN CAPE NEWS - A 40-year-old man from George was arrested yesterday at his home on...
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Water leak at harbour
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - Harbour users have complained about a water leak under the Vintcent...
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Dogs allowed on beaches
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - The Mossel Bay Council, at its monthly meeting on 27 November, accepted...
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Opvolg: Verdagte vas vir verkragting
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - 'n Een-en-vyftig-jarige vrou van Hartenbos is verlede Vrydagmiddag, 21...
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Update: Shark attack at Dias beach
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - Mossel Bay resident Kobus Maritz has had another close encounter with a...
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Inspeksies vir brandweerbaarheid
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Brandbestryders het die afgelope week talle winkels, winkelsentrums en...
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Fire protection gets going for season
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - Working on Fire (WoF), a government funded job creation programme,...
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Local Wing Riders Chapter established
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - Mossel Bay boasts a new motor cycle club. The Garden Route Wing Riders...
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3 beroof Watson Skoenfabriek
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Die drie mans wat gister ‘n skoenfabriek in Groot-Brakrivier beroof het, is...
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Opvolg: Plaasaanval op bejaarde
HERBERTSDALE NUUS - Die twee verdagtes wat ‘n 82-jarige vrou twee weke gelede in ‘n...
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Geniet potjiekos saam met Leolan
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Die Leolan Akademie vir leerders met spesiale opvoedkundige behoeftes hou op 29...
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Mosselbaai vier Wêreld Vigsdag
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Elke jaar word Wêreld Vigsdag op 1 Desember gevier en hierdie jaar is die...
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Mosselbaai gereed vir droogte
MOSSELBAAI NUUSFLITS - Die bestuurder van Eden Rampbestuur, mnr Gerhard Otto, het onlangs 'n...
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Vrou op strand verkrag
HARTENBOS NUUS - ‘n Vier-en-vyftigjarige inwoner van Hartenbos is verkrag toe sy Vrydagmiddag...
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Work on Fire teams get going
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - Working on Fire teams from all over the Eden district came together last Friday at...
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Opvolg: Rowers steeds op vrye voet
GROOT-BRAKRIVIER NUUS - Die drie verdagte mans wat die skoenwinkel, Shoe Stop, langs die Watson...
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INTERNATIONAL NEWS - The ruble lost another 1.5 percent of its value on Friday morning as it extended a record slide after the OPEC oil cartel's decision to...
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Andy Murray scythed through his support team before flying out to play in the new International Professional Tennis League, with the Scots...
Sport News
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INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Summer sports federations are signing up to the IOC's system for monitoring betting ahead of the 2016 Olympics. The International...
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - While 2014 won't be considered a vintage year for Asian football, continental organizers still have plenty to celebrate this weekend when...
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LIFESTYLE NEWS - What is diaper rash? If your baby's skin becomes red, scaly, sore and rough, this could be a sign of diaper rash. It usually develops on your...
LIFESTYEL NEWS - For us South Africans and many other nations, the festive season can become a time of over-consumption of food and drink. Come the new...
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Kyk, ekself is maar pedanties oor hoe ek goed gedoen wil hê, maar dat mense so ‘n beheptheid kan ontwikkel met ‘n geleentheid waarvan hulle...
One of the hazards moving into a new and incomplete development is the never-ending building operations around you. Workers screaming expletives at each other...
Arts & Entertainment News
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MOSSEL BAY NEWS - With the excitement of the World Aerobatics Championships, hosted in Mossel Bay, still in the air, the Monroe Theatre is screening the biopic,...
ENTERTAINMENT NEWS - Once she'd decided to take on her gritty new role in "Wild," there were a few things Reese Witherspoon knew she DIDN'T want to...



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Voting Poll
Several cases of cable theft have been reported in Little Brak and Great Brak River, as well as Hartenbos Estate. In all reported cases, the scene of the crime is in close proximity and full view of the N2. Should the community be more observant and vigilant in reporting irregularities noticed to the authorities?
YES - I believe we have a shared responsibility to ensure service delivery on all levels, even in preventing crime and ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply.
Mossel Bay Advertiser 78%
NO - I pay my taxes, which pays the salaries of people who should ensure that these crimes are curbed.
Mossel Bay Advertiser 22%
I'm a 45 year old man looking to meet women between the ages of 45 and 58.
I'm a 40 year old man looking to meet women between the ages of 30 and 40.