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EDEN DISTRICT NEWS - The Eden District Municipality Enviornmental Health Department is still awaiting the results of the water samples taken at Kaaimans River to test for the presence of Vibrio...
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Miracle penguin at SAPREC
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - A juvenile penguin of about four months old was found at Glentana beach...
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Nuwe huise vir Tarka-inwoners
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Die einde van 'n era het vandeesweek vir inwoners van ses historiese...
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PetroSA releases lime dust
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - PetroSA this week responded to queries by the Mossel Bay Advertiser and...
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More children than schools
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - In Mossel Bay, with its 19 primary and five secondary schools run by...
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Dwelmhuis nou stil
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - 'n Huis in Bokmakieriestraat in Tarka waarvan die deure en vensters twee...
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ANC Chief Whip arrested
MOSSEL BAY NEWS - The African National Council's (ANC) Chief Whip in the Mossel Bay...
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Dias-diewe slaan twee keer toe
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Vermeende huisbrekers het gedurende die afgelope naweek twee keer by...
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Sona 2016: Night of tension and opposition
NATIONAL NEWS - Despite a night of tension and fierce opposition in the National Assembly,...
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Diefstal bederf Diasfees
MOSSELBAAI NUUSFLITS - Terwyl honderde feesgangers deur die hekke van die jaarlikse Diasfees stroom...
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Punt oudleerder in kankerstryd
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - 'n Inwoner van Danabaai en oudleerder aan die Hoërskool Punt, Elzane van der...
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Kar vlieg oor muur
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - 'n Voertuig het vandeesweek per ongeluk oor 'n keermuur gebars en op sy neus te...
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ANC Chief Whip caught for alleged drunk driving
MOSSEL BAY NEWS FLASH - The African National Council's (ANC) Chief Whip in the Mossel Bay municipal...
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Opvolg: R900 000 se perlemoen gevind
MOSSELBAAI NUUSFLITS - Altesaam 9 952 perlemoen is vanoggend deur die Suid-Kaap Blitspatrollie,...
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No bail for pastor in rape case
MOSSEL BAY NEWS FLASH - Bail was denied to a well-known pastor from JCC Camp who is charged with...
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Dias-diewe slaan twee keer toe
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Vermeende huisbrekers het gedurende die afgelope naweek twee keer by dieselfde...
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Perlemoen gevind, verdagtes hardloop weg
MOSSELBAAI NUUSFLITS - Die Suid-Kaap Blitspatrollie het vanoggend ‘n verdagte voertuig...
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INTERNATIONAL NEWS - A yellow fever outbreak in Angola has killed 37 people since December with eight new cases reported in the last 24 hours, the country's...
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed over support for the president in their first debate since the New...
Sport News
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INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Kenya has missed a deadline to prove to the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) it is tackling cheating in athletics.It comes after a spate of...
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Die eerste rondte van die Senior Gholf Klubkam-pioenskappe wat Saterdag, 6 Februarie plaasgevind het, het vir 'n paar verrassings gesorg....
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LIFESTYLE NEWS - Discovery Health has a few tips on keeping your New Year's resolution to become healthier. They say the trick is to make small changes that...
LIFESTYLE NEWS - It’s February and, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, once again the world is abuzz with declarations and symbols of love, with...
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Van tyd tot tyd, nie dikwels nie, maar nou en dan en meer dan as nou, kry ek 'n ononderdrukbare begeerte om mond uit te spoel of bors skoon te maak of tande te...
Whether we like to admit it or not - or whether we choose to see it or not - bullying is a major problem around the world.   And not just physical...
Arts & Entertainment News
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NATIONAL NEWS - The Department of Arts and Culture’s national South African Cultural Observatory is announcing its first annual national workshop which is...
MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Die internasionaal erkende orrelis, Martin Mans tree binnekort saam met die ewe bekende panfluitspeler, Carina Bossenbroek in Mosselbaai op....



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An alarming number of viral meningitis cases were reported in Mossel Bay in recent weeks. Should more have been done to alert parents of the imminent danger?
NO: Giving the matter too much coverage could lead to mass hysteria and unnecessary panic
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YES: All residents have a right to know of dangerous diseases that may affect them to allow for timeous precautions.
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